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Antique military items & collectibles weapons:
swords, daggers, rifles, medals, uniforms

Antique weapons are beautiful works of art, each carrying a unique story, a piece of history. Whether you’re an avid collector or just starting out, you’ll be able to find and sell a wide range of military items from all around the world, exclusive Canadian pieces and antique weapons at our Montreal store.

Our excellent service includes making house calls for fine militaria and antique weapons, so if you’ve inherited some antique swords, military medals or uniforms, please give us a call. We are always interested in buying heritage antiques, and to sell to collectors at mutually beneficial prices.

The collectable militaria that we buy and sell include:

Antique and collectibles military items

Cold weapons

Cold weapons

  • Ancient Daggers;
  • European Swords;
  • Japanese Samurai Armory and Swords;
  • Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto swords;
  • Bayonets;
  • Collectible Knives;
  • etc.
Antique and collectibles military items

Antique firearms


  • Muskets;
  • Antique and historical Rifles;
  • Old European Firearms;
  • Dueling Pistols;
  • Antique and historical Military Pistols;
  • etc.
Antique and collectibles military items



  • Canadian Military Medals;
  • Canadian Civil Medals;
  • Foreign Civil or Military Medals
  • Imperial Russian Medals;
  • etc.
Antique and collectibles military items

Other military items

Other military items

  • Historical Military Uniforms;
  • Imperial Russian Uniforms;
  • Antique Canes;
  • Antique walking sticks;
  • Old military Phones;
  • Regimental Flags;
  • etc.

We are always pleased to buy estates, complete collections and rare items of high value. Please contact us for an evaluation and to inquire about the rare military items we have that you can add to your collection.